Extra Boys
Fall 2011
Imagine if a country with the population size of Germany, were entirely male.

Extra Boys is an information visualization that illustrates the unintended effects of intentional gender-selection.

I consciously chose to focus on the "extra boys" and not the more familiar and more troubling issue of "missing girls." I found J.B. Harley's idea on a map's "silences" informative while working on this project. He says, "maps - just as much examples of literature or the spoken word - exert a social influence through their omissions as much as by the features they depict and emphasize."

Missing girls and extra boys are about to exert a tremendous social influence, as 10 million extra boys, in both China and India, are growing into young adults, and searching for female counterparts, in societies where marriage is linked to social status and homosexuality is frowned upon or illegal.